creative direction, branding
and user interface design

works: tony hawk's pro skater 5
user interface reimagined

I love Tony Hawk games, and I’ve bought almost every game that Activision had released from the beginning, like Gameboy / DS handheld games, mobile game or even the crappy peripheral based ones. They represent my childhood, my escape from the reality and I’m still just an old-school.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is the latest entry in the series. After seeing that the user interface, both in-game and menus are ‘not appealing‘, I've decided to re-imagine it, and this is my take.

I have made a new color palette, GUI transitions, typography decisions, a main menu, a loading animation, all in-game -HUD- interface parts and GUI effects.

Also, knowing that the multiplayer lobby system is a important part of the new THPS game, I’ve decided to revisit the party experience on the interface, so I’ve put a well known party list on the main interface of the game, like Halo, Call Of Duty, or Gears of War games. That makes it easier than the current usage in THPS 5, as far as I’ve seen.

When I was trying to do something new for it, I’ve changed the combo / trick list showing a bit, too. Players can still see the tricks they’ve accomplished easily on the side, and while attracting players notice, it does not mess the player’s concentration. Also, cut out a couple of messages (like stance status or combo indicator) to make it cleaner.

I’ve used some assets, and the credits are: Cocogoose Font - by Zetafonts / Skateology Impossible - a video by Adam Shomsky / Vector crown icon - by Jakub Čaja / True North - Bad Religion