creative direction, branding
and user interface design

works: no time left

I was building a glitchy twitch platformer for mobile in my spare time for a year and it's out now! Would be super nice if you give it a spin.

No Time left is a hard twitch platformer made for mobile and mobile only. Player needs to complete procedurally generated levels before timer runs out. One can watch a video ad to increase timer, or buy 'remove ads' in-app purchase option to remove video ads for good and increase timer totally. After completing each level, player chooses a powerup card and purchases it by ingame tokens gathered in the previous level by playing.

Being inspired by VHS visual effects and music and combining it with bits from Japanese art direction was my main aim and it became quite solid.

It's solid 30fps, works on iPhone 4s (iOS 8+), supports Game Center achievements and the high score list. Also, haptic feedback on newer iPhones.

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